Multi Commander 5.2 BETA

It been a while since last version was out.

My plan was to have a beta for the next version at the end of May. But then other things comes in the way I have not had that much time to work on Multi Commander that I had planned.

But today a early beta of the next version is released.
Since I been very busy the new version does not contain all the new things that planned. But it contains the first step in a highly requested feature.
Flat view or ( Branch View as some calls it) However this is a early beta so there are bugs with it and also some features/options with it are missing.
You activate Flat View from the view mode popup button. (Where you set detail, Thumbnail view mode and so on).

(Please leave a post in the forum about what options/feature with this you need.)

Other new features is the ability to save Tabs Layouts to file and then load later load them.
CustomCommand functions are also provided so it is possible to script this

There is also support for a new language, Lithuanian, Translation is provided by Raimondas Duzinskas

There are also some other minor new features and some minor bug fixes.

See Change for this beta. And here is information on How To Get Beta Release

For comments use the forum


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