Multi Commander v5.1

Multi Commander v5.1 is finally out.

This release has over 120+ change. Most of them are fixes and minor improvements. Most of the time has gone to improve the documentation.
The online documentation have been lacking a lot and it is still lacking in some area. But I have spent a lot of time updating it.

Write documentation take a lot more time then you might think. Specially if there are screen shots that also needs to be created or updated.

I also added so the online documentation cab be download as a PDF. The PDF is generated from the online documentation using mPDF.

MultiScript Changes

The MultiScript script engine also got some improvements. You do not have to declare variables with @var anymore. Well sometimes you do. If you declare multiple at once you are. But in 9 out of 10 cases you do not need it. If a variable does not exists it will now be automatically created. You can still type @var to declare them if you want. So you do not have to change your scripts.

// before
@var $f = 3;
@var $r = Function( 4 + 4 );
// now
$f = 3;
$r = Function( 4 + 4 );

However this can also be a problem. If you mistype you will not get an error that the variable does not exits.

$r = Function( $f + 4 );

$f does not exists. But it will be created and be 0. But you can force old behavior and make it verify variables

AutoCreateVar(0); // Turn off auto create of variables
$r = Function( $f + 4 );  // This will now fail and say $f does not exists.

FolderTree Device Filter

In Explorer Panel settings you can now configure what devices (drives) you want to show in the FolderTree. Enter a comma separated list.
Example : "C-E,Z,G,WPD,NET"

Extra Spacing

The Explorer Panel now has a 1px extra hight per row. It does not sounds as much but if you are showing 25-40 lines on the screen you might lose 1 or 2 rows.
But it will look much better now. It was to tight before and caused some drawing issue. If you want more extra space or none, you can change the extra line height in Explorer Panel settings under the tweak section at the bottom.

RAR Issue

A RAR issue that was fixed was that if the RAR archives had an item with a path starting with / in them. That could cause an issue for MultiCommander. This could happen if the rar archive was created on linux.


The color for the Gridline can now be configured and also the focus indication frame color can now be forced to a solid color.

File Coloring

Tooltip will now show what file color rules is used on the file you hover over. It is also possible to enable a column that will show this information.

If a file coloring rule changes the font-style (eg Bold) that font-style is now kept even if the file is selected and the color is change.

Mouse Wheel

The mouse wheel action will now always be forwarded to the windows under the mouse cursor, even if that windows is not in focus. As long as the Window belongs to MultiCommander.
So you can now scroll the FolderTree without first clicking to active it.


This is only some of the change. See the changelog for a more complete list

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