Next Version and some plans for 2015

It was planned that a next version should have been out in mid December. But that didn't happen. Not even a beta is out and it is now mid January.
But a beta will come out soon, The new plan is a Beta before the end of the week

This delay is because I been very busy with other things so I have not had so much time to spend on MultiCommander that I thought. I have not had time to add any new major. But a couple of minor new features have been added and a bunch fixes. I have been doing lots of the ground work for some major features for the future so adding them should be faster. But that is nothing that you as a user are noticing in the program.

However, a while back when working on another project I created some text tools. And with just a little extra work I was able to move this tools into MultiCommander. It is not something that was really planed and not something that most people need. But they are two really useful text tool for some people and makes a good addition. So if we count them. Then two major feature was added.

Release Often

The plan for this year is to do releases more often. So every release will contain smaller amount of fixes. This is because I get to little feedback from beta releases. Often bugs that should have been found during beta phase are not reported. And gets into the final version. And then they are not fixed until the next version. So release more often with small amount of fixes might be a better solution for this.


Another thing that need to be fixed this year is the documentation. The documentation have It been seriously lacking behind and some features are even missing in the documentation. There are so many tricks and things you can do in MultiCommander and many of them are not even documented. The problem is that writing documentation is a lot more time consuming then you might thing. And it takes a lot time that could have been spent fixing bugs and adding new features.

Downloadable Documentation

I'm also looking into making the online documentation downloadable as a pdf.
I found a php shell script called mPDF ( ) that can generate PDF from HTML files. But I need to write some scripts that extract the documentation content from the drupal database and then sent them though mPDF. This is going to take some time to figure out. So please let me know if you have any experience with this and can give me any tips. It will save me a lot of time.

Todo List

Another process that I'm changing is how I will handle my todo/requests list.
So please post lists with requested changes and features (even if you posted it before.) If the feature you want is a bit advanced or if it can be interpreted in many ways.. then please try to explain how you want to it work and what you expect should happen.

A lot of feature request I get are simple "I would like to have feature X" the problem is that X can mean different thing for different users. And if you ask 5 people how they think it should work you get 5 different solution for it. Information is posted on the forum more people can give feedback. 
So please try to explain how you want it to work and what you want to happen with feature X if it is not very clear.
Figuring out how a feature should work and what options it should have and what should happen and so on take a lot of my time. So the more information you can provide the bigger is the chance that the feature is added because then some of the investigation around how it should work is already done and it will save me a lot of time.

Sometimes it is also good to provide context on what problem you actually want to solve with feature X. Because it might be that there actually is a better solution for solving that problem by doing something completely different.

However, You can never give to much information.. more is better.

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