Fixes that should have been found earlier

Today 4.6.2 was released. It is the secod fix release for 4.6. That is two fix release in under a week for v4.6. And that are two much. Every release cost me a lot of extra work that I could have spent better. Also all the extra downloads and upgrade uses a lot of bandwidth and it is kind of annoying also for users to get update notification too often.

The problem is that all bugs that was fixed in this two release also was in the BETA/ALPHA release, But nobody reported them.

So please. If you see issues with the Beta/Alpha releases, specially crashes. Report them. Because if you do not report them then they might not be fixed.

Also the standard crash reports that are sent are very limited. So one easy thing you can do to help is to increase the crash dump information that are sent.
You find that settings under Core settings and in the "Misc" tab there is a Crash dump format setting.

Future Changes

The idea with allowing anyone to run the Beta/Alpha release is to faster get feedback and find problems. So the Beta/Alpha process will change in the future.
After v5.0 the Beta/Alpha versions will ALWAYS send more detailed crash reports that cannot be turned off. No logs will be sent, only more detailed crash dumps, and crash reports are always deleted after they are analysed.

When you run a Beta/Alpha with this the first time, you will get a message box informing you about this. So if you do not like that you have the option to remove the Beta/Alpha version and got back to the latest normal release. The normal releases will not have this options forced.


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