Sneak Peak of Multi Commander v4.6

The Beta for the next version is now out.

A lot of the things that was planed for v4.6 is not here because I have not had so much time to spend on Multi Commander that I thought.

So what is new in 4.6 ?

There is now support for Italian langauge. A big thanks goes to Aldo for creating this.

Picture Viewer

Most of the new features are around the Picture Viewer. The image library used has been update and the viewer also support a lot of new functions that are access from the right click popup menu.

You can now modify the colors, resize image and also save the opened image into a new format.
If you do color changes it will save the previous image in memory and you can undo the operation with Ctrl+Z.

Picture Tools

The Picture Tools under the Tools menu also has a new entry. Resize Picture

Resize picture tool can be used to resize all selected image and it support batch resize of many images at once and you can resize by percentage or to a fixed size and if the keep aspect ratio option is checked the size will be calulated to match.

If you resize multiple images and want all of them to have the width of 600 and you want the aspect ratio to be kept. Then make sure that height is set to *. then the Height will be calculated
So that the aspect ratio is kept.

Picture Tools - Custom Commands

The Picture Tools for Converting and Resizing images are now also accessible from CustomCommands.


Better RegEx Support

When selecting/deselection files using a matching filter you can now do that using regular expression.

To make the engine know that you are writing a regulare expression you need to start the filter with colon. ( : )
The regular expression engine will output error message to the Application Log (Ctrl+L) so check this log window if you have problems.

You can also type a regular expression in the view filter box.

And it is the same here. Start the filter with : to make the engine know that you are doing a Regular Expression

There is one breaking change here. Before you type : to match exact file size, That has not been moved to =

A lot of other minor changes and fixes has gone into this list. check the changelog for more information

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