Multi Commander v4.0 - Sneak Peak - Part 6

Some of other changes that are included in the coming version are....

Quick Look'n'Feel Setup
The dialog for quickly changing between different look and feel setup have tweaked.
There is no longer a separate dialog if the "Customize" option is selected.
The customize option is listed in the same Window.
Also the options in the customize part does now use the Multi Language system.

When going to NET: or (selecting network in the device dropdown or device toolbar) Multi Commander will no longer hang until it have scanned the network for computers.
You can now press the "Scan network" item that is listed to initiate a scan. You can also access the settings for network browsing directly from here.

When it scans the network for computer it will do so in the background so that the main user interface in Multi Commander will not be locked.

It is also possible to right click on a found computers and there you can select to PIN it.
A pinned computer will always show up, Even if a network scan did not found it. It can be useful when running in portable mode where you are moving round between different computers and networks.

Multi Commander will also remember and cache all found computer between restarts.

Zip FileSystem Extension
The Zip file system extension now got a settings page that is access from the configuration menu.
There you can configure what codepage ZIP should use. And if it should use UTF-8 when creating new archives.

RAR FileSystem Extension
The Rar filesystem extension is update and are now using the unrar 5.01 source. So it should now be possible to unpack rar archives that are created with RAR 5.

When customizing column it is now possible to add extra padding/margin to the left and right side.

ShowHidden Files
Then Show Hidden files icon button on the toolbar is now show different if the option for show hidden files is on or off.

Multi Commander also have a new splash screen. This image was create and provided by Patrick of Chasing Carrot

A beta version is coming any day now..

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