Q : How do I go to a favorite locate in a fast way using shortcut?

A Favorite/Bookmarking system is under development. But there are already several other ways to add a folder as a bookmark/favorite for easy and fast access.

  1. Hot Path
  2. Button Panel
  3. Alias for the command line field
  4. User Command in Menu Bar
  5. Quick Launch Bar

Hot Path

If you right click on the path field in the Explorer Panel (or press CTRL+Down) You will get a list of up to 10 Hot Path that you can define there.

Those path can also accessed with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+1 , CTRL+2 and so on.

You can also press Ctrl+H to Add a current path to one of the 10 first hotpath. You go to the folder you want to add. then Press Ctrl+H and then press '3' to add it to Hotpath #3

In the Explorer Panel configuration page you can change how many hotpath item you have. But only the first 10 will be accessible using the keyboard shortcuts.

Button Panel

The buttons in the Button Panel can run a lot of different commands. Internal Commands, User Defined Commands, and more. Using User Defined Commands you can make the button change current path.

The easiest way to create a Button that will take you to a different path is by using the Wizard Mode for the Button Panel.
Activate Wizard mode by pressing the the "Wizard Mode (On/Off)" button (It is the last button to the right on the bottom row) or from the configuration menu by selecting "Toggle button panel wizard mode"

When Wizard Mode is active the button panel will have a red background around the buttons. 
You can now drag and drop a file or folder to any button and the Button Panel Wizard dialog will be shown.

Then click on the "Go to file / path in Multi Commander"  and then press OK.

You will not have a button that when pressed will always will take you to that file or location.

The Button Panel can have 4 command per button, It shift to the alternative commands when you hold down ctrl (or middle mouse button), or Shift (or Right mouse button), or Ctrl+Shift, Problem is that while you are dragging a folder/file to a button you can not change the Button Panel Mode.
To make the Button Panel stick in one of the alternative modes you hold the the right mouse button down and then move the mouse cursor out the the Multi Commander windows and then release the mouse button. The Button panel will now stick in that alternative mode. And you can now drag and file or folder to one of the alternative buttons. 

Alias for the Command Line Field

Alias a shortcut you type in the Multi Commander command line field that will expand into longer commands.

If you enter a path location in the Multi Commander command line field and then press return, Multi Commander will go to that location.
So by creating an alias for a path you can go to that path by just typing a short name that you assign it, for people who like to be able to go to different paths fast using the keyboard this is really useful.

You create alias in Alias Editor that you find in the configuration menu. But their are also two quick command that will create alias directly from the command line field. That is Alias and Alias2.

alias <name>=<expand into>

So if you want to create a command line shortcut that takes you to your mp3 folder that are located in "D:\my music\mp3\" you can type

alias mp3="d:\my music\mp3\" 

" is only needed if you have spaces in the the path. 

Now when you type mp3 in the command line field and press return, Multi Commander will expand the "mp3" alias to the full path and execute that. And since it is a path it will go to "D:\my music\mp3\".

But there is an even easier way to create this aliases. And that is to use the alias2 command. This command only take the alias name as a parameter and assumes that the current path will be the target for that name.
So if you are already standing in the "D:\my music\mp3\" path and in the command line field you type

alias2 mp3

You will create an alias name mp3 that will take you to the path "D:\my music\mp3\

Read more about aliases

User Defined Commands in the Menu Bar

User Defined Commands can do a lot of things. There are many different kind of user defined commands you can create. But for creating a command that only will change the path you want to create a command of 'custom command' type

The custom command for changing path is MC.Explorer.GoTo.

If you want a command that take you to MP3 folder we used in the alias example above you write.

MC.Explorer.GoTo PATH="D:\My Music\MP3"

You can also specify LEFT/RIGHT (instead of PATH) if you want to control in what panel side the path should be opened in.

When you written your command and saved it, You can press the Menu button. From here you can add the newly created command to menu bar.


Quick Launch Bar

You can Drag and Drop files and folders to the QuickLaunchBar. When a folder that is placed on the QuickLaunchBar is clicked, It will change the current panel to that path. The CommandLine Field will shrink when you add more items to the QuickLaunchBar 

You can also place User Defined Commands in the QuickLaunchBar by right clicking on it and select 'Insert User Defined Command'

If the QuickLaunchBar that are placed after the CommandLine Field is not enough, and you want more. You can enable an Extra QuickLaunchBar that will take up an entire row in the toolbar area.

Enable this settings in the 'Core Settings' that you find under the Configuration menu

Option for an Entire QuickLaunchBar Row

And Enable the 'Quick Launch Bar (Entire Row)' option
After you saved the changes and restarted Multi Commander, You will now get an extra QuickLaunchBar row

Having both QuickLaunchBar active

More QuickLaunchBar Information