Q : How can I automatically get all zip / rar files to unpack when copying them?

You can achieved this by selecting the unpacker file operation plugin from the copy dialog.

1. Press the "Options >>"

2. Select the "Unpacker" profile under "FileOperation plug-in profiles"

Using Keyboard Shortcut

Using the keyboard shortcuts you can do this very fast. Press Ctrl+P to expand the copy dialog and move the input focus to the FileOperation plug-in profiles. Then press the End key to select the last plug-in in the list. By default the Unpacker plug-in is located last in the list

CTRL+P, then press the END key. and then Return/Enter key to confirm the dialog options to start copying.


By default the unpacker profile will unpack Zip, Rar and 7-Zip archive. If you want to modify that you press the "..." button. Then make sure that the "Unpacker" profile is selected. Then click on the "AutoUnpack" plugin in the list, And click the configure button.
Then you select what archive format it should auto unpack. 

You can also create your own Profiles if you want to have multiple variants in the list.